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"Players are Goblins. It is witching hour, their mission is to steal food and good stuff for their tribes. Goblins  are light-sensitive creatures, they do not tolerate light and the sun's rays petrify them to stone.

Anyway: This is a suicide mission! ”

"Nice and dark just how we like it!"

It is up from 2 to 4 players. Collaborate or oppose.
Roll D6 dices. (Two d6s to take steps. one d6 to roll your chances.)
Goblins break into the mall. Good news is there are plenty of food, electronics and resources. Bad news is, the mall is filled with light sources.
Break the lights and take what you need! Pick up a card.

Be alert! 

Too much noise attracts security guards. (opponent team direct guards per three steps). Check your health bar. Too much damage of lights  results you becoming petrified to stone. ( 1-10 health bar, write it down.)

Keep an eye on watch. It is a limited time before the Sun's first rays reach the mall. If Goblins have not soon enough  run back to the underground  to leave the mall within the last ten minutes;
Is it a matter of life and death!

 Destroy the lights.  Avoid the guards. The clock is ticking!

The winner gets the most point and survive safely to underground in time, to make their tribe proud.

Failure is to get captured by security guards or else,  get petrified by either light or sunlight.


Nocturnal 4 Kort.pdf 2 MB
nocturnal 3 brickor.pdf 2 MB
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